22 June 2024

Yoga Weekly Classes – HTCC

Free weekly Yog Classes starts from Sunday 26th Nov 2023. 

Shree Vijay Arora who for over 20 years conducted Yog classes in HTCC before Covid will be commencing again weekly Hatha Yog and Pranayama classes in HTCC every Sunday 0900 AM to 1000 AM from Sunday ,26th Nov 2023. If interested come with a Yog mat at 09:00 AM in the main hall. you do not have to make any bookings and these classes are free. He will be focussing and encouraging people to undertake regular yog practice suitable to their health levels. Vijay ji is a senior Yog teacher with Yoga Australia and is well known in Yog circles imparting his skills and knowledge among the Yog teachers and Yog aspirants.  He took his initial Yog training under Swami Dhrindera Brahmchari about 50 years ago and was then initiated as Yog teacher by Swami ji. Since then, he has adopted other Yog styles from various Gurus and Yog schools like Sivananda and Iyengar and has included their teachings in his class. Recently he spent one week with Swami Ram Dev and will be very happy to share and help you to see what style will suit you better. 

People who are interested can contact Vijay ji through WhatsApp message only 0403684176.