18 July 2024

Make a Booking

Temple Booking & Sponsorship Procedure:

Dear Devotees,
Temple offers following services to promote and support Hindu community:

  1. Shantiniketan Hall Hire
  2. Temple Shrine booking for special prayers/religious events
  3. Prayer at Home (Punditji can perform Pooja at your resident/business etc)
  4. Car and other Bigger Machinery/equipment Pooja.
  5. Business Inauguration Pooja

For the following categories there will be NO sponsorship fee or charges – donations are most welcome. Sponsors can offer bhojan-prasad or simple prasad as per their convenience.

1. For the functions that the HTCC is celebrating, devotees can sponsor and participate in the puja.

For community organisation the use of the Temple is welcome without any set fee – donations are welcome. There are two conditions: (a) the final aarati will be performed by Punditji and (b) the aarati thaali offerings will be part of the HTCC hundi collection.

2. For the functions that a devotee or a group of devotees wants to sponsor and the function is open to the entire community. For example: (a) a devotee wants to do a Satyanarayana katha or a similar puja at the temple and invite the entire community, or (b) a group wants to celebrate Swami Vivekananda’s birthday and invite the entire community.

For bookings and sponsorships please contact Punditji or Temple Manager.

For any other matters please send email to: secretary@htcc.org.au

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