25 April 2024

Hall – Shanti Niketan

The HTCC runs a number of projects related to infrastructure, education, physical and mental health, aged care and community services. With increasing Indian community, a bigger facility was desperately required for HTCC programs and activities. As a result, Shanti Niketan was built and completed and already being used for major events and is available for community use on hire basis.

Shanti Niketan Offers:

A generous 300 sqm hall*

Two dressing rooms with attached toilet and

other Media facilities.

A Kitchen facility can be booked separately if required*

*terms and conditions apply for use of Kitchen and Hall facilities.

We also request you to kindly donate generously as we currently have an outstanding Loan for ShantiNiketan building and every $ helps us repay it quicker.

Kindly complete the attached form and email it to Secretary@htcc.org.au and Booking@htcc.org.au

For Booking requests:

For any suggestions, please contact HTCC Committee members or feel free to reach Kamal ji (Temple Manager) @ 0402 410 332 or Akshay Gupta on 0451 451 791 to discuss how you can support Shantiniketan.