25 April 2024


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Happy Deepawali

A very happy Deepawali (Diwali) to all the devotees. We look forward to a grand celebrations this year and in coming years.

On behalf of the sponsors we invite all the devotees to come and participcate in the Puja. Your presence will boost the morale of the sponsors and the organisers. Please grace the celebrations with your presence.

HTCC celebrates all major Hindu Festivals throughout the year and welcomes Sponsorships for Pooja, Prasad and other decorations. We are grateful to all our volunteers and sponsors for their great contribution to the celebrations. We request all the devotees to considering lending a helping hand to cooking and cleaning work.

Please contact Punditji on 0420 264 578 , Akshay Gupta on 0451 451 791 or any other committee members for all sponsorship and further details.