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President : Shree Prakash Mehta

Secretary: Shree Tarun Agasti
Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre of the ACT(Inc.)
(A.B.N. 64 469 334 050)
81 Ratcliffe Crescent
(Cnr. Connah St.)
Florey ACT 2615
Email: htccfloreytemple@gmail.com

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About Mandir


Welcome to the Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre, serving devotional, spiritual, cultural and social needs of people in Canberra.

More than two decades ago some interested persons considered the idea of building a Hindu temple in Canberra as a common place of worship and for having cultural activities for the community. Through their dedicated efforts and endeavours the Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre (HTCC) was formed in 1987. The association was formally incorporated in April 88. In the subsequent years the association has been able to attract large membership.

The first task of the HTCC was to build a Hindu temple, a cultural centre and a library, a concept developed after considerable consultation and discussion. It is anticipated that this idea is unique to Australia and when completed will serve the needs of the residents of the ACT and become an essential element on the itinerary of many worshippers and tourists to the national capital.

Objectives, brief history, activities and achievements

Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre of the ACT is an organisation whose members are dedicated to the provision of an understanding of the teachings, philosophy and culture of Hindu religion.

Of the three stage project commenced in 1987, the completion of the first stage, the Temple, is the initial physical reality of this institution, which has quickly become a meeting place of Hindus and all those interested in its teachings, and a Divine place for all its activities. The cultural, literary and artistic aspects of Hindu religion are Temple a library and a cultural centre.

The second stage will comprise the construction and completion of the Library and the Cultural Centre for the use of Australian Hindu community. The final stage will be the accommodation buildings for the presiding priests and visiting sages who will manifest their knowledge and teachings to all those who use the Temple.

The Centre, through its enlightened members and noble sages provide a spiritual environment for the seekers of truth and purity, humility and courage, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion, universal brotherhood and love for all living beings.

The Centre is already providing and will continue to provide facilities for engagement in Hindu religious and cultural activities including the practice of Yoga and meditation, study of Hindi, Sanskrit and other Indian languages, contemplate on sacred religious texts and treatises, reflect on the lives of religious leaders and their followers, and strive for the achievement of higher values of life.

Many Hindus and believers from various parts of the world have made Canberra their home. They share their beliefs and philosophy with generations of Australians who have studied and appreciated the Hindu way of life and culture. This commonality of interest is enshrined in the following objectives of the HTCC:
1. To promote an understanding of the teachings, philosophy and culture of Hinduism;
2. To provide facilities to engage in Hindu religious and cultural activities, including the practice of Yoga and meditation;
3. To foster religious harmony, mutual understanding and respect for religious views of others and promote universal brotherhood;
4. To provide moral and spiritual support to the needy;
5. To build, maintain and operate a Hindu temple, a Cultural Centre, a Library and other facilities to achieve the above objectives and purposes.
In short, we strive to perform such tasks as may be necessary and conducive to the moral, spiritual, and cultural upliftment of the mankind.

Regular events at the temple:

Every Tuesday : 6:00 - 7:30pm - Hanuman Puja followed by Hanuman Chalisa
Every Thursday : 8:00 - 8:30pm - Shirdi Sai Shej Arti
Alternate Friday (Pay Week): 7:00 - 8:30pm - Murugan Puja
Every Saturday 8am to 9:30am - Yoga Class
Every Saturday 4 to 5pm - Punjabi Folk (Bhangra/Gidhaa) Dance Class
Every Second and Last Sunday of the month 6:30 - 7:30: Ayappa Bhajan followed by Arati
Every Purnima (Full Moon Day): Satya Narayan Katha

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